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Biography - Italiano /  日本語



2008 Bachelor of Japanese paintings - Tokyo University of the Arts

2011 Master of Restoration of affreschi paintings - International University of Art – Florence, Italy

2008 Winner of the Japanese "Horita Scholarship Foundation"

2010 Winner of Japanese Government Scholarship for Art studies


2023 Solo exhibition "Sacri legni" Manifiesto Blanco Gallery / Milan, Italy

2023 Solo exhibition in Mitsukoshi Art Weeks / Tokyo, Japan

2023 Affordable Art Fair London, UK

2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

2023 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Germany 

2023 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden

2022 Solo exhibition "Blossoms of Hope" Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery, Tokyo Japan

2022 Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles, Belgium

2022 Art Fair (un)fair Milano, Italy

2022 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

2022 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Germany 

2021 Duo exhibition Affordable Art Fair / Hamburg,Germany

2021 Duo exhibition "Trasparenze fuggevoli della natura" villa Zari / Brianza, Italy

2021 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands

2021 Affordable Art Fair Bruxelles, Belgium

2020 Solo exhibition "Finestre di Luce nei boschi" Manifiesco Blanco gallery, Milan

2020 Solo exhibition "Universo Fluttuante" Vision Quest 4 rosso gallery, Genova

2020 On-line Affordable Art Fair 

2020 Group exhibition"Bino-yokan”2020 Takashimaya Art Gallery (national tour exhibition) / Japan


2019 Solo exhibition "Trasparenze crepuscolari" Centro di cultura giapponese, Milan

2019 Duo exhibition "Seifu-meigetsu" Takashimaya Shinjuku Art Gallery, Tokyo

2019 Group exhibition "Stati d'Arte" Fidelia Palace / Spello                

2019 Group exhibition"Finalist exhibition Arteamcup 2019" Nobel palace / Sanremo 

2018 Solo exhibition"Natura sussurata" Corte degli Artisti gallery / Milan

2018 Group exhibition"Ko-kin" Paraventi giapponesi Nobili gallery / Milan

2018 Group exhibition "S’io m’intuassi, come tu t’immii” MostraMi, Fabbrica del vapore / Milan

2018 Group exhibition "Arte giapponese" Lante Palace / Rome


2017 Solo exhibition "Natura sussurrata" Frammenti d'Arte gallery / Rome  

2017 Solo exhibition "Natura sussurrata" Studio Arti Floreali / Rome

2017 Group exhibition"Eterne stagione" Monferrato Palace / Alessandria

2017 Group exhibiton "Arte Migrante" la torre Viscontea / Lecco

2016 Group exhibition "Domani" Tokyo National Museum / Tokyo

2016 Group exhibition "Kimigayo" MABIC / Maranello

2016 Group exhibition "Arte giapponese" Art space spazioD/ Lecco        


2015 Solo exhibition "Essenza della natura" Arte Giappone gallery, Milan

2015 Group exhibition "Esopo" Abantgarde tattoo and Art gallery / Sesto San Giovanni 

2014 Group exhibition "Poetessa Rengetsu" Arte Giappone gallery / Milan

2013 Solo exhibition "Kacho-Fugetsu" Spazio porpora gallery / Milan

2012 Solo exhibition "Arte nella natura" Asteria Center / Milan

2012 Group exhibition "Beauty japan" Japan Matsuri fair / Bellinzona, Swissland

2010 Solo exhibition Lucca comics festival, Romano palace / Lucca

Other works / Collaborations 

2023 Collaboration with HOSOO, Artwork for Hotel Bulgari Tokyo

2022 Collaboration with Serapian Jewelry box Sho-chiku-bai for HOMO faver, Venice Italy

2021 Collaboration with CABANA wall paper, Milan Italy

2020 Book cover for "Kado - way of flowers" of Luca Maracciotti

2020 Collaboration with TOMA Shoes for Milan Fashion Week 

2019 Collaboration with TOMA Shoes for Milan Fashion Week

2019 Drowings with Sumi ink realized to the book "La vita del Poeta Basho e i suoi Haiku"

2016 Presentation "Materials of Japanese traditional paintings" at Luciana Matalon Foundation / Milan  

2013 Art works made the cover of five Japanese food magazines / Italy

2012 Presentation "Traditional techniques and materials of Nihonga" at Wow Comics Museum / Milan

2012 Presentation "How was born the Manga through Hokusai" at Lucca Comics

2011 Illustrated artworks for “Vanity Fair” Magazine / Italy 

2010 Holding Japanese traditional paintings courses at Japanese culture center, still does / Milan


2015 Winner of "The Adachi Contemporary Ukiyoe Award" , Tokyo, Japan

2018 Finalist, contemporary painting competition "S’io m’intuassi, come tu t’immii”

2019 Winner of Focus Genova award and Cabana award of Contemporary Art competition “Arteam Cup 2019”

Shoko Okumura

Born in Japan in 1983, currently Shoko Okumura lives and works in Milan Italy.
Recipient of a distinguished government scholarship, in 2008 graduates with a Degree in Traditional Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. Following her degree and subsequent move to Florence Italy to learn the art of fresco restorations, a newfound understanding of fresco techniques and colors led to experimenting and applying Italian pigments to Japanese painting techniques, which often utilizes metal supports such as gold or silver leaf.

The key aim is to represent the relationship between human beings and nature. Seasons passing, colors waning and sounds merging towards a renewed harmony have always, across all cultures, been a source both of art inspiration through its myriad of expressions and of deep emotions for souls open to the world’s wonders.

This style of painting is more demanding than what appears at first glance. An intent gazer must mesh palpable first impressions with subtle hints and allusions, thereby expanding one’s extrinsic perceptive vision, the image within the frame, to the inner self – of both artist and observer - to which the image truly appeals.


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