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"Birth of twilight"  2019  pigments, silver leaf on japanese paper

Shoko Okumura  奥村 祥子

Born in Japan in 1983, currently Shoko Okumura lives and works in Milan Italy.
Recipient of a distinguished government scholarship, in 2008 graduates with a Degree in Traditional Japanese Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. Following her degree and subsequent move to Florence Italy to learn the art of fresco restorations, a newfound understanding of fresco techniques and colors led to experimenting and applying Italian pigments to Japanese painting techniques, which often utilizes metal supports such as gold or silver leaf.

The key aim is to represent the relationship between human beings and nature. Seasons passing, colors waning and sounds merging towards a renewed harmony have always, across all cultures, been a source both of art inspiration through its myriad of expressions and of deep emotions for souls open to the world’s wonders.

This style of painting is more demanding than what appears at first glance. An intent gazer must mesh palpable first impressions with subtle hints and allusions, thereby expanding one’s extrinsic perceptive vision, the image within the frame, to the inner self – of both artist and observer - to which the image truly appeals.

-  29. Jan. ~ 04.May 2020 in Japan
 Group exhibition 
 " 美の予感 - 平面と特異点のカナリア-"  
    Takashimaya Art gallery, Japan
 more info
-   26 June. ~ 25 July.  2020 Genova, Italy
    Solo exhibition "Universo fruttuante"
    VisionQuesT 4rosso Contemporary Photography
    Piazza Invrea 4r 16123 Genova 
14. Mar. ~ 27. Mar 2020 Mantova, Italy
    ※E' stata riamndata per prossimi mesi
 Group exhibition
 "Mostra dedicata al Giappone"
  presso MAD gallery, Mantova
​  (Via Camillo Benso Cavour, 59, 46100 Mantova         MN, Italia ) 

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